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Compact x 200 micro camera

Optical system


Adjustable optical system (minimum 50x for skin analysis, maximum 200x for hair analysis) that facilitates a detailed and enlarged view of the area of the hair to be studied.
Alongside a manual magnifying glass, the micro camera is the most suitable tool for DERMOGRAMS (analysis of the scalp) and TRICHOGRAMS (analysis of the roots).
The Dermogram is a comprehensive analysis of the scalp and hair. Using the micro camera, we can assess the flexibility, texture, vascularisation, intoxication level, dandruff, and eczema of the scalp.
With the Trichogram we will observe the condition and regenerative capacity of the hair roots, determining the proportion of anagen, catagen and telogen hair. Verify the percentage of hair loss.

  • ref. IN99901
Compact x 200 micro camera
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