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Rueber, a company devoted to hair solutions

Rueber is a company devoted to hair solutions focused on two distinctive development areas: Hair prostheses and health and comprehensive beauty.

The main objective of our hair prostheses department is to provide optimum quality products that are comfortable. The more than 25 suppliers comprising our supply chain are located in different countries, allowing us to select a wide range of materials to develop different techniques in our workshop and keep us, year after year, at the forefront of manufacturing processes. Our hair suppliers go through a meticulous selection process. We buy directly from the countries of origin and we control the quality of every import. Once the hair reaches our premises, a team of specialised technicians separates it according to its characteristics.

In our Hair Health and Comprehensive Beauty department, the R+D team develops cosmetic products of the highest standards to respond to the needs of people who, for different reasons, are committed to looking after their scalp and hair, with trichology being one of our fundamental pillars. We have more than 20 products specifically designed to solve hair anomalies such as dehydration, itching, hair loss, dermatitis, etc.

Not all hair problems have the same origin, and by no means can they be treated in the same way or with the same remedy.

Hair health has always been a topic of concern for people. Our extensive knowledge of the market enables us to choose the most effective formulas from the outset and proceed with a follow-up to update them with new ingredients. The research and development performed by Rueber professionals aims to ensure that people are not only satisfied with their hair, but also enjoy splendid hair health.

We have also specialized in the development of a range of facial and body care products that contribute to skin regeneration. We have taken care of all the important details: soft and light on the skin, and easily absorbed.

After more than 30 years of constant work putting the customer at the centre of our business, we are focused on delivering a quality product with an excellent service. In addition, our team of expert professionals provides specialized technical support.

Rueber, specific solutions
"Not all hair problems have the same origin, and by no means can they be treated in the same way or with the same remedy."
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