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Hair professionals

Hair prostheses

Added value for your business

Broaden your knowledge about hair and become a leading professional in hair solutions to help your clients recover their image.

Rueber Hair


Ready to be worn

The ready-to-be-worn wigs have an important role. There are people who, for different reasons, prefer to purchase a wig rather than a hair prosthesis. Although wigs do not have the same characteristics as prostheses, they are a more economic option.

Rueber stocks a wide variety of ready-to-be-worn wigs. They can be made with natural hair or fibre, made by hand, machine or both.

Hair professionals

Hair treatment products

Specific for solving hair anomalies

An extensive line of products designed to solve any hair problem, including the recovery of seemingly lost hair. You will be looked after by a team of consultants who will inform you exhaustively about the diagnosis and application techniques.

Hair professionals

Hair beauty products

Hydration, nutrition and protection

Tailor-made nutrition for dry and damaged hair. The ritual that best suits the needs of your hair, penetrating into its interior to give it a strong and flexible structure, and shine.

Request information

If you would like to find out more about Rueber’s products and services for hair professionals, write to us at info@rueber.es or call us on +34 93 454 12 78. One of our experts will be pleased to assist you.

Hair professionals
Hair professionals

Hair prosthesis repair

No matter where it comes from

We repair all types of hair prostheses in our workshop in Barcelona.

Hair professionals


Keratin, weaving, “not implanted”, and much more

We have applied our knowledge of hair to the development and refinement of different extension systems.

Hair professionals

Courses for professionals

We train the best professionals in the sector

The courses for professionals have been and still are a huge success that we are proud of.

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