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Course for hair prostheses

We train professionals to become experts in hair solutions. We give tailor-made courses in which theoretical knowledge is applied to real cases.

  • General characteristics of the Rueber Hair Prosthesis.
  • Presentation of the Rueber Hair Prostheses catalogue.
  • Presentation of the “Micro Range”.
  • Presentation of the “Volumater”.
  • Presentation of the “Invisible Difference Range”.
  • Implementation of the design.
  • Complementary sheet for taking measurements.
  • Order sheet.
  • Fitting systems.
  • Theoretical explanation of the elements needed to adapt the Hair Prosthesis.
  • Practical adaptation of the Hair Prosthesis on a user (whenever possible).
  • Maintenance service.
  • Presentation of the Standard Wigs Catalogue.

Trichology course

We base our hair treatments on a complete analysis of the skin, hair root and hair shaft.


The latest diagnostic technology for scalp and hair. Applied to the scalp, it enables us to observe its flexibility and texture and detect if there is dehydration, dandruff, eczema or itching. Applied to the hair, it enables us to evaluate its quality, the handling and the percentage of lost hair.


It is the only system that provides a complete diagnosis of the condition of the hair roots. We will observe, microscopically, the condition and regenerative capacity of the hair roots and we will determine the proportion of hair in the growing phase (anagen), the receding phase (catagen) and the falling phase (telogen).

Personalised courses
Our courses will enable you to introduce different specialties to your business.Request more information

Extensions course

  • Use of the different methods to apply extensions:
    • Heat connector for keratin extensions.
    • Micro rings.
    • Ice Extensions.
    • “Not implanted” adhesive extensions.
    • Extensions with micro clips.
  • Care and maintenance of hair extensions.
  • Removing all types of extensions.
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