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Hair Prostheses

The prostheses are hand crafted. They are very fine, soft and transparent systems, with hair implants of the same characteristics as the user’s, where factors such as texture, density, thickness and undulation are meticulously taken into account. The fusion of these concepts means that the customer can wear the hair prosthesis permanently and live a normal life.

Whole hair prosthesis, Volumater and micro skin

We achieve the desired results

As a result of a process of constant research and innovation over the years, at Rueber we provide a sophisticated and modern product that strikes the perfect balance between professional satisfaction and the comfort and feeling of security that customers desire.


Comprehensive quality control

At Rueber we have our own manufacturing workshop, which allows us to provide a wide range of options. We have 220 collaborators dedicated to the development of a quality product, and always ready to provide a professional and tailored service.

Manufacturing process

Manufacturing data sheet and customer template

Analysis of the client’s cranial anatomy

Creation of the base of the hair prosthesis with different materials

Creation of the base of the hair prosthesis with different materials

Preparation of the hair to match the colour of the client’s sample

Hair implantation

Finishing process. Sealing at the root

Hair prosthesis completed

Forty years of proven track record
Thanks to our hair recovery methods, we have brought a little bit of happiness into the lives of many people.

Different lines of hair prostheses

A personalised hair prosthesis model for each individual. Discover our different lines of personalised hair prostheses. You will find the right model for each individual.


Material for fitting systems

We have several products for the perfect positioning of hair prostheses.


Californian highlights for hair prostheses

If you would like to apply this fashionable look to any of the tailor-made prostheses as we make them, please ask. We can do it for you. As we work with human hair of the best quality, we can guarantee a spectacular result.


Specific products to condition hair prostheses

Restructure Only, the special regenerating method, made up of four products designed for deep hair care, gives life to special hair.


Technical material

Support equipment for working with hair prostheses.

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