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Moisturising and repairing tonic


Quickly absorbed product which provides immediate effects on the skin, moisturising it from within. It has repairing effects on skin deeply affected by dehydration. In addition to protecting the hair from aggressive chemical products (dyes, styling, etc.), it also acts against the effects of sweat or excessive contact with water (sea and swimming pool). It provides spectacular results.

Designed for

Dry dandruff and dry skin. It has excellent moisturising properties, making it especially suitable for an excessive accumulation of dead cells in dehydrated skins which in turn lead to the continuous drying of the corneal layer, and the subsequent deterioration of the hair follicle and root, as a result of dehydration or vitamin deficiency. Hair loss due to dehydration.

Instructions for use

One or two daily applications on dry scalp, exerting maximum pressure with a deep massage. Apply following your pharmacist's indications.


Aqua, Alcohol Denat., Glycerin, Urea, Calcium Pantothenate, Niacinamide, Coumarin, Piridoxine HCl, Cianocobalamin, Ascorbic Acid, Riboflavin, Lactic Acid, Sodium Hydroxide.

  • ref. TS202 (150 ml.)
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