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Lanotec shampoo

Special shampoo for very dry hair, with nourishing and moisturising extracts that afford the hair greater elasticity.


Contains nourishing and moisturising extracts.

Designed for

The LANOTEC shampoo is suitable for hair that has undergone a chemical process (dyeing, perming, bleaching) that has altered its acid pH and keratin structure, resulting in hair that is brittle, dry, dull and lacking softness.

Instructions for use

Apply Lanotec shampoo to untangled, dry hair. Spread evenly with a comb or a brush. Rinse and repeat the operation without rubbing the hair.


Mild anionic base ingredients, wheat proteins that provide the necessary nutrients for hair growth, restoring and conditioning it, silicones that provide softness and anti-static agents that eliminate static electricity.

  • ref. IN404 (330 ml.)
Lanotec shampoo
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