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Interesting business system

The addition of an excellent range of hair products in your pharmacy will enable you to develop an appealing business system based on over-the-counter sales as a source of income, to attract a significant number of new customers and build loyalty among existing ones. It will add to your financial profit without making any investment.

Complimentary trichologist assistance

Our sales representatives will inform you in detail about how to find the most appropriate solution for each case. This is a key support service that will multiply your chances of success, making your customers happy and leading to a boost in recommendations. This is a distinguishing and quality service for your pharmacy.

Products with National Code

Our trichology products bear the Parapharmacy National Code assigned by the National Code General Council.

Pharmaceutical training

Our sales representative provides the pharmacist with the necessary training and answers any possible doubts that may arise. Your establishment will become a leading pharmacy in hair treatments.

Complimentary diagnosis at the pharmacy
Provide your pharmacy customers with an accurate diagnosis of the causes of hair loss and scalp anomalies. Provide specific cosmetic recommendations and treatments based on the diagnosis. Request more information
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