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Trichology range

PState-of-the-art products to solve the main skin and hair root problems. Proven, tailor-made solutions that deliver superb results.

Trichosystem products
Rueber Laboratory


Advanced hair cosmetics

Cosmetic products intended to nourish, hydrate, soften and protect the hair as well as enhance its shine. They provide extraordinary results.

Innovative Products
Rueber Laboratory


Comprehensive skin care

A range of products developed for comprehensive skin care. Facial and body beauty products. Paraben free. Specially formulated for sensitive skin.

Rueber Laboratory

Restructure Only

Regenerating treatment

Intensive regenerating treatment for all types of dry or damaged hair. System to recover the health and beauty of the hair shaft and tips. Pamper the hair.



With argan oil

Discover the countless properties of argan oil applied to hair cosmetics.

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